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NALP at The House of Blues

Dance All Night! Inc. provided the DJ for NALP annual conference.

"You fit right in at the House of Blues! I couldn't believe how you managed to get our members onto the dance floor so quickly and easily. I saw members of our Board of Directors, law school deans and even a federal judge dancing. It was terrific."

Christopher M Brown,
Director of Member Services

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All lighting includes spare bulbs, color frames & filters.
Wireless / battery operated LED flat
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Venue Thinpar 64 LED             Click Here to Check it Out! $15.00
Chauvet Spot 250             Click Here to Check it Out! $75.00
Chauvet Geyser                       Click Here to Check it Out!
                                                     See it in Action!
American DJ H20 LED             Click Here to Check it Out! $35.00
American DJ Aggressor Tri LED
                                                      Click Here to Check it Out!
Chauvet Vue 6.1                       Click Here to Check it Out! $25.00
Revo 4                                         Click Here to Check it Out! $25.00
Revo 3                                         Click Here to Check it Out! $25.00
Revo 1                                         Click Here to Check it Out! $25.00
Chauvet  Vue II                        Click Here to Check it Out! $25.00
Ape GR2 & GG2 Lasers
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Microstars & Nebulas Lasers
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Red laser - creates cones, beams, even sheets of light and infinite patterns too! (Black Widows) $20.00
Martin Atomic 3000 DMX Strobe
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Diversitronics Strobe, 50-watt (intensely bright) with remote speed and dimmer control $25.00
American DJ UV Canon Black light 400 Watt
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Black light (mercury vapor) Covers wide area $30.00
Elation Black Lights $25.00
Beamers - Derby, Aurora and Flowers, Avengers $20.00
Pin strobes - group of 6 (each one flashes 20 times per minute) $25.00
Police beacons - dual beams $15.00
Mirror ball (16") with 3 pin spots - The classic $20.00
Pin spot (rain light) $5.00
Rope lights (32' with chaser in flexible tubing) $40.00
Additional 16' sections of rope lights $15.00
String-of-lights (100') $30.00
Marquee picture frame (2'x4') surrounded by chasing marquee bulbs
Perfect to hold a picture of the guest of honor!
Par 56 groups with control
flash in sequence & bounce to the beat, on 9' stand!!
(300-watts each, with color frames & filters) Control included! 4 Pars
FQ-100™ Fog Generator (for pros) $95.00
Ness Fogger with remote (for parties) $35.00
Fluid additional (per gallon) $25.00
LaMaite Hazer $95.00
Dual Shot Confetti Blaster             
View Demo Video
$150 + perishables
Confetti cannon $30.00
C02 and confetti (per firing) $10.00
Illuminated paper balloons (Chinese lanterns) 12"-36", any color $15.00
Flood lights on ground stakes 100-watt, any color (group of 3) $15.00
Bug zapper light - keep those bugs away! $25.00
Tiki torches (fluid additional) Aloha! $5.00
String-of-lights (100') $30.00

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